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GLASS (R) EVOLUTION, from Architects Dreams to High-Tech

GLASS (R) EVOLUTION, from Architects Dreams to High-Tech 

Glass is transparent and even almost invisible, but its contribution to our well-being and comfort is major. And for sure glass will play an even bigger role in the future. How?

For you, AGC Flat Glass, the worldwide leader in glass manufacturing for Building and Automotive industries, will lift a corner of the veil on these invisible technologies that have entered our life and will further develop in the coming years. From improving the Wi-Fi connection of an entire city area, to transforming your building into a giant space for communication, from generating energy to  adapting its properties to the outside environment, glass has unlimited possibilities.

We will share the story of some amazing glass façade in the world. We will give you some  keys on how to make the best choice for your projects.

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Oct 24 2019