OAL – Olisa Agbakoba Legal

OAL is a leading world class legal solutions provider with clients in diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Providing innovative legal solutions is basic to who we are and what we stand for. Our diversified skills ensure that our clients’ commercial needs are satisfied promptly and professionally, always conforming to high ethical standards in the provision of quality legal services.

OAL is a leading law firm in Nigeria that has grown from a sole proprietorship to a bustling practice offering innovative legal solutions to all sectors in Nigeria’s emerging economy. The focus of OAL has always been to push through new boundaries to find solutions to legal issues and win the confidence of its clients.

At OAL, we are committed to excellence and this has kept us in pace with global trends. As a reputable legal service provider in Nigeria, we recognize that law and legal principles are forever changing and that to be ahead of the competition, requires Excellence, Professionalism, Innovation and commitment.

With an enviable track record of more than forty years of experience as a legal service provider in Nigeria, OAL has contributed to jurisprudence in Nigeria. Our senior partner, Dr. Olisa Agbakoba is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria who championed the course for Nigeria’s democracy as a civil rights advocate; his dogged quest to improve the legal system has been demonstrated by his important contributions to the polity of legal discussion on topical legal and constitutional issues.

Balogun Automobile Services Limited

Balogun Automobile Engineering Services Limited is an automobile garage situated in Ketu, Lagos and incorporated on June 15, 1989. The company has highly experienced and professional engineers who provide quality services for your car, Jeep, bus, mini-truck etc.

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SCITA is a crowd-funding platform through which one can invest in the development of the Skyway Innovative Transport system. The Mother Company, Global Transport Investments (GTI) owns the Skyway’s intellectual property worth of 400867 433000$ on the basis of which, they were issued the company’s shares. GTI is the cooperate entity founded in the British Virgin Islands to create a favorable and attractive conditions for investors. And for 5 Years we have been attracting investments in over 400,000 Skyway investors helping in the development of the project. Over 200 countries are already participants in the project. Opportunity is open for investors to enter the project. And become co-owners of the unique technology and participate in the innovative transport project of Anatoliy Yunisky.