Actress, stage manager, singer, screenwriter … The talented Veerle Baetens was born on January 24, 1978 in Brasschaat in the province of Antwerp. She studied the piano in a music school and then began studying musical comedy at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art in Brussels. Quickly, she attracted the attention of the cinema world and obtained from the beginning of the 2000s roles in television series and films. It was in 2007 in the series Sara (Flemish version of Ugly Betty ) where she interpreted the main character that she became known to the general public. It has also been rewarded for its role by the Vlaamse Televisie Sterren which award the prizes of Flemish television.

A few years later, Veerle Baetens turns her back on Sara to flourish in darker roles. In the Flemish series, Code 37 , she plays Hannah Maes, a brigadier captain of the Ghent police force. In The Broken Circle Breakdown ( Alabama Monroe in French) she reveals her singing talents in particular. She is also known for having acted in the Cordon series and the filmD’Ardennen . In 2017, she worked on the script for the hit series Tabula Rasa and since 2016 she plans to produce a film of Lize Spit’s bestseller Het Smelt herself .

The actress is as comfortable in French-speaking as Dutch-speaking roles. She has indeed acted in several French-speaking films such as A promising start , News from the planet Mars alongside François Damiens or Duelle s by Olivier Masset-Depasse. For this last film, Veerle Baetens was awarded the title of best actress of the year at the Magritte. At the end of 2019, she also distinguished herself with Guillaume Canet in the film Au nom de la Terre .

With a large number of films and series already on his list, the future of Veerle Baetens looks promising.

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