“Sewelo”, the second largest rough diamond in the world discovered in April 2019 in a mine in Botswana, is going to be cut in Antwerp where it will be transformed into a jewel by the Antwerp company HB.

The Antwerp company HB was chosen by the famous luxury brand Louis Vuitton to design this exceptional piece of jewelry, the “Sewelo”. This 1758 carat stone weighs more than 350 grams. It is the second largest diamond in the world. As for its price, it would be estimated at an amount greater than $ 50 million if we refer to the price of a comparable diamond discovered in the same mine in 2017.

Of a size similar to that of a tennis ball, this stone is installed in Antwerp where it waits to be worked, polished and cut into several small precious stones to make a collection of diamonds. It will undergo a complex process during which these will be processed and will be subject to meticulous monitoring which could take several months.

According to Raluca Anghel, the head of public affairs for the association of diamond producers : “This is an incredible discovery, which can only be done in nature, with this magic force that only natural diamonds can have” . In Belgium too, the arrival of this jewel arouses reactions, like Melissa Smet, director of the Belgian diamond industry union, who evokes the particularity of diamonds: “What makes stone special is is also its mysterious nature. The stone is covered with black carbon and the quality of the diamond hidden under this layer remains a mystery. “

We are therefore impatiently awaiting the result of this goldsmith work!

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