Specializing in biotechnology, the Zentech company is developing a serological test that has already proven itself in China. Very fast and reliable according to the CHU of Liège, it could prove to be decisive for the large-scale screening envisaged within the framework of a deconfinement strategy.

Zentech is basically a biotechnology company based in the heights of Liège at Sart Tilman which specializes in the diagnosis of various pathologies.

The Liège company therefore developed, in partnership with the Chinese company Zheda Dixun, an antibody screening test. This does not strictly detect the presence of the coronavirus. But this serological test can determine if a person has had an immune reaction and has developed antibodies to covid-19. In short, this type of test allows in less than 15 minutes to identify the immunized people and therefore to know who is protected and who is not against the coronavirus.

The Liège University Hospital (which has also just developed its own screening test) confirms the total reliability of this technique already used in China to cope with the epidemic.

Jean-Claude Havaux, in any case wants to be confident because “the health opportunity that this test represents to manage the current pandemic or later, when it comes out of confinement, is great. We are already receiving orders from all over the world. ”

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