A Belgian company offers innovative solutions to decontaminate the surfaces of all types of bacteria and viruses.

Located in the Louvain-la-Neuve Science Park, Realco and its OneLife spinout specializing in medical hygiene are emerging as the world leader in their business segment: cleanliness and disinfection. This biotechnology company sees its order book coming from all over the world filling up. Whether in Europe, the United States or Asia, the coronavirus pandemic is only increasing the need for hygiene. The public health challenges are indeed glaring both in the medical and hospital environment and within the food industry.

But not all cleaning products are created equal when it comes to attacking bacteria and viruses that have developed a formidable defense system, a kind of shell called biofilm. As George Blackman, CEO of Realco explains, “Whatever the surface and the complexity of access, total disintegration of dirt particles is made possible thanks to a patented process and a secret composition of ingredients from biotechnology. : enzymes. These natural proteins cut the biofilms into microparticles and act as a catalyst for detergents in order to then carry out a thorough disinfection ”.

With this natural and patented process, Belgium therefore has unique expertise that can contribute effectively to countering the coronavirus pandemic. And this in a more ecological way moreover!

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