While the world is experiencing an increase in anxiety linked to the coronavirus epidemic, the Avalasia company located in Menen (near Courtai) is developing thermal applications which are very useful in the fight against the virus. Its scanners can measure temperature to quickly detect people at risk of being infected with the virus.

The hypersensitive Avalasia device measures the body temperature of approximately 3,000 people in one hour to the nearest 0.05 ° C. Although additional medical checks are necessary, increases in temperature may indicate contamination by the coronavirus. 

This high-tech scanner is therefore particularly suitable for places where crowds of people gather, such as stations, airports, border posts, etc. It includes a thermal camera and a visual scanner working with artificial intelligence. Despite its high price of 25,000 euros per device, orders have been flowing in recent weeks. 

The development of the Coronavirus is of course the reason. Since the appearance of the virus, a hundred copies have been ordered in Spain, Portugal, in Central Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. 20 of them have already been delivered. Some customers have requested one or two on a trial basis, but are considering ordering dozens more. Rapid order growth is difficult to fulfill.

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