Dear compatriot,

Lufthansa organizes a commercial flight from Lagos to Munich on Thursday, April 2nd

Germany asks us to prepare a list of Belgians wishing  to travel on that flight. So please, if you do so, provide us with full names of the passengers, date of birth, email address, telephone number AND passportnumber. Please add a picture of your passportpage that menstions yoiur personal detailqs.

Mention also if you would have a medical condition that needs special attention.

Please note that this is a commercial flight and that you will have to pay for the tickets yourselves.

Please also note that the Belgian Embassy cannot guarantee you that you will have a seat on this flight.

Best regards,

Embassy of Belgium

 Embassy of Belgium
9 Usuma Street – Maitama – Abuja • +234 803 301 68 22 • @BelgiumMFA • Diplomatie.Belgium •

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